• Factoring Polynomials.

  • Brief course to introduce students to the world of statistics. Discusses methods of collecting data, displaying and describing data using graphs, and describing data numerically. Also intended to use with juniors in preparation of the MCA tests in April.

  • In this course you'll learn the 3 main measures of central tendency. You'll be able to interpret which measure fits data sets and real life applications of these measures. You'll participate in an online discussion using Voicethread and will be asked to use your creative juices to help others learn about mean, median, mode and range.

  • Learning Multi-Step Equations.

  • This course explores the function of geometry in construction. In particular, students will learn about basic geoemtry concepts such as points, lines, and planes, parallel and perpendicular lines, and angles, and explore how they are used in building technology.

  • Introduction to Geometry.